Iran’s Main Bourse Gains 88% in 4 Years

10 June 2017 - Hour 16:26

Major indicators improved in Tehran Stock Exchange between 2012-2016.

Tehran Stock Exchange’s Market Capitalization was around IRR 171 trillion in 2012. The figure was raised above IRR 322 trillion after 4 years in 2016.

Based on a report by the Exchange’s R&D Department, the average P/E ratio was recorded as 5.35 in the beginning of the period and reached 6.84 in the end of 2016.

The broad index of TSE closed at 38408 unit earlier in 2012, and gained more than 101% to rise at 77230 in four years.

Tehran Stock Exchange has 325 listed companies; 21% of its market cap is from Chemical Products Group. Banks and Credit Institutes, Base Metals and Telecommunication are the next largest sectors at TSE with 10 ,10 and 9 percent of total market capitalization.

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